Sailing week Greece Salento Albania

Sailing week Greece Salento Albania from April 1 to October 30 both in Salento, both in the Greek islands and also along the Albanian coast.

It is a type of travel suitable for everyone and also open to those who have never set foot on a sailboat and want to try this fantastic experience for the first time. Boarding is scheduled for Saturday afternoon at 6.00 pm. Disembarkation is scheduled for the following Saturday morning at 10am.


  • The itinerary for Greece includes a departure from Salento and a visit to the Diapontine Islands (Othonoi and Erikoussa), Corfu and Sivota. Possibility of boarding directly from Corfu to be able to reach the island of Paxoe and Antipaxos as well as Corfu, Othoni and Erikoussa.
  • The itinerary for Salento includes visits to San Foca, Otranto, Castro, Leuca, the Maldives of Salento, Porto Cesareo and Gallipoli. Possibility of boarding in the various ports: Taranto, Porto Cesareo, Leuca, Otranto, San Foca and Brindisi.

The boats used will be sailboats or catamarans sailing ranging from 39 feet (three cabins and two bathrooms) up to 50 feet (four cabins and four bathrooms) in relation to the number of participants in the week sailing in Greece Salento Albania.

Possibility to modify the route together with the commander during navigation.

For already formed groups there is the possibility of moving the day of departure or return according to the needs of the group and developing an ad hoc route.

The itineraries are always to be considered flexible as they can be modified by the commander at the discretion of the sea conditions and weather forecasts.

Cost to be agreed upon prior contact.

For info and reservations, write to or call +39 3408599838.

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Sailing week Greece Salento Albania
Sailing week Greece Salento Albania
Sailing week Greece Salento Albania