Fishing Bolentino in deep sea Salento

Fishing Bolentino in deep sea Salento: Big Game fishing trips in deep sea take place between 10 and 20 miles away from the coast at a depth ranging from 300 to 500 metres.

You can find different kinds of preys like stone plovers, congers, gropers, codfish and scorpion fish. All of them with outstanding patches!

The equipment provided for this fishing activity is highly professional. Indeed electric-propelled rods are employed.

The boat used is a Boston Whaler 10 metres long with two engines of 150 horsepower each one. It has an onboard counter-litre computer that displays accurately to the users the amount of fuel consumed.

The price for full day (8 hours) is 500 euros.

Is required a maximum of four participants.

The price includes also the equipment that will be employed, bait, an expert skipper, and insurance.

The fuel is not included in the price, however its cost varies from 100 to 200 euros depending on the miles covered and sea’s conditions.

All costs are only based on the single trip, not on the single participants.

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