Our sailing charters:

- Sailing Daily excursions

- Sailing Weekend in Salento and Greece

- Sailing Full week in Greece and Salento


Our Sailing Daily Excursions

Sailing Daily Excursions every day, all year round, from Santa Maria di Leuca.

During our excursions, we'll sail both in the Adriatic and in the Ionian Sea; we'll visit some of the caves that adorn the beautiful coastline, and that are only accessible by sea.

Complimentary lunch will be served during the excursion. We'll also be happy to offer you a taste of local specialties, fresh sea urchins and a glass of white wine. (Please note that sea urchins will not be available during seasonal fishing bans)

Custom packages can be arranged for birthdays, graduation parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, business meetings, anniversaries, sailing courses, private parties, etc.

Additionally, we are able to sail from Porto Cesareo, Gallipoli, San Foca and Taranto, on pre-arranged or personalised routes.

Half day (10 – 14) or (14 – 18) the cost is 45 euro per person all inclusive.

The cost is €60 per person; rates are all-inclusive.

Note: Children under the age of 8 enjoy a 50% discount on the adult fare.




Our Sailing Weekends in Greece

Sailing Weekend in Greece every weekend, all year round, we sail from Santa Maria di Leuca to the beautiful island of Othoni and back.

Departure is scheduled at dawn on Friday; we'll reach Othoni in the afternoon. In the evening, you'll be able to choose between visiting the island or having dinner on-board. On Saturday, you'll get a chance to take a tour of the island and enjoy life on the sea. Return trip to Santa Maria di Leuca is scheduled for Sunday Morning.

Meals and overnight accommodation on board.

Note: All schedules are subject to variation due to weather and sea conditions. The decision to sail or remain in port rests ultimately on the skipper and is not negotiable.

Custom packages can be arranged for those who would like to sail on different days or take longer trips.

The cost is €300 per person; food and fuel not included (cost for food and fuel will never surpass €100 in total).

Note: Children under the age of 8 enjoy a 50% discount on the adult fare.



Our Sailing Weekend in Salento

Sailing Weekend in Salento every weekend, all year round, we sail along the coast of Salento.

Departure is scheduled for Saturday morning; return to port is scheduled for Sunday evening.

During the weekend, we'll sail for one day along the Adriatic coast, and for one day along the Ionian coast.

On-board overnight stay will take place in port or anchored in one of the beautiful coves along the coast.

Custom packages can be arranged for those who would like to sail on different days, take longer trips or sail along a custom route.

The cost is €200 per person, snacks and fuel not included.

Note: Children under the age of 8 enjoy a 50% discount on the adult fare.




Our Week-long Sailing Excursions in Greece or Salento

Week-long Sailing excursions in Greece or Salento from April 1st to November 30st, we organize from Salento to the Greek islands.

Departure is scheduled for Monday morning; we'll return to port on Sunday evening.

Th itinerary for Greece includes a visit to the Diapontia Islands and to the islands of Corfù, Sivota, Paxos and Antipaxos.

Possibility to boarding directly on Corfù.

The itinerary for Salento includes a visit of San Foca, Otranto, Leuca, Maldive of Salento, Gallipoli.

Possibility to boarding in the various ports.

The captain is available to plot modifications to the route during the cruise.

Fare per person will be calculated on a case-by-case basis and finalized by contract.




Our Fleet

- Grand Soleil 46.3

- Impala 48

- Catamaran Lagoon Power 43

- Dufour 385

- Bavaria 46

- Dehler 36

- Zuanelli 34

- Serenity 35

The boats are anchored at the ports of Taranto, Porto Cesareo, Corfù and Leuca.

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