Terms and Conditions

The fishing trips are available to adult and accompained under-age people. Everyone must show their ID in order to legalize the insurance.

Those who want to take part to the fishing or sailing trips must give a definitive confirm by e-mail or telephone number.

The kind of boats arranged are chosen according to the number of participants and to the choises of the company in order to guarantee the best comfort possible, especially in the long voyages in Greece or  in week-end trips.

The personnel onboard is at partecipants’ disposal for all the time of the exit.

In order to provide a serious and professional service, we recommed a deposit of 30% for the booking. It can be completely refundable only if trip is not done due to unfavorable weather and when there is not a definite date to be put off.  Except the previous conditions any refund is not possible. The balance will be paid on shipping.           

The captain onboard has the right to take his own indusputable decisions to guarantee the safety of the participants and the boat itself.

In case of bad weather or hostile conditions, after informating the customer,the staff has the right to postpone the trip/voyage or to return to the port before the time arranged.

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